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Domestic Horizontal Submersible Openwell Pumps

Domestic Horizontal Submersible Openwell Pumps

Fidel Domestic Horizontal Openwell Submersible Borewell pump are suitable for open wells. Crafted to deliver world class performance, Domestic Horizontal Openwell are built using top quality raw material and superior designs to ensure best in-class performance. With the Fidel Domestic Horizontal Openwell , maintenance is never an issue and operating costs are low as they get. Unmatched and unique hydraulic design of pump volute chamber, bowl and impeller put together make the pump extremely energy efficient.

Product Specification

  • Available in Single Phase 0.5 HP to 3.0 HP (0.37 Kw to 2.2 Kw)
  • Available in Three Phase 1.0 HP to 3.0 HP (0.75 Kw to 2.2 Kw)
  • Head Range 60 to 110 feet (Upto 35.00 Mtrs)

  • Saves electricity more by 20% to 30% in comparison to conventionally designed pumps.
  • Low maintenance due to safe designs & high precise work.
  • Rare Chances of motor burning due to Low Current density, efficient & safely designed Motor.
  • AISI 410 S.S. Grade induction Casting Pump Impellers.
  • Pure AISI 304/431 S.S. grade motor shaft and outer shell.
  • 100% pure EC Grade copper employed to make winding wire, dual coated with insulation Class-B.
  • Best Quality AISI 202 S.S. Grade Motor Pipe.
  • Stamping: M-45 Grade Silicon and Low Carbon.
  • Thrust assembly S.S.-410 and Carbon with AISI 304 S.S. Grade tilting pad.
  • Best Quality and High Thickness LTB -4 Bush.
  • ‘SAND PROOF’ design of mechanical seal rings and Sand Guards protection.
  • Application: Domestic & Gardening, Industrial & Agricultural.